New Special Events - 2018

Open House - 2018!
Summer Math - 2018! and Fall Math - 2018!

Please contact us to arrange for your Open House visit for Summer and Fall Math.
Please contact us for a visit!
Contact us to sign-up for the Open House Event and
schedule a time for a personal tour and consultation!

Location & Directions

The Open House Event is intended for parents and students to ask questions about the program. The Orientation aspect of this preliminary meeting is to let you find your way to the classroom and start making a plan on how to prepare for the competition year.

If you can not make one of these meetings, or if you have attended the Math Club in previous years, it is not a requirement that you attend. If this is the case I will be looking forward to meeting you on the first classes of the term.

For more information and registration, please contact us at:


Now Accepting Applications for Summer Math - 2018! and Fall Math - 2018!

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